Terms & Conditions

All walks must be paid for before the last walk of the week, please note that any cancellations/changes (except emergencies) made within 48 hours of the due date shall be charged at the full service amount. If the walk is rescheduled during the same week there is no cancellation fee (this is subject to availability). 


Please inform me of any holidays you intend to take asap, I can take you off the schedule and offer the spaces to other clients, I give my clients 4 weeks holiday per year (Jan-Dec, based on  the amount of days I walk your dog). For example if I walk your dog 3 days a week you can take 12 days a year no problem. Anything more than this I charge a retainer fee of 50% based on your normal weekly walks, this is to ensure your space is kept for you. Of course this isn't mandatory but it will guarantee the slot for you. 


With regards to my holidays I will give you a minimum of 2 weeks notice for you make other arrangements, however I will always try to give you more notice along with regular reminders leading up to the holiday date.

Please note I am closed over the Christmas/New Year period and all bank holidays.

In wet/muddy conditions your dog will be towelled dried/sponged down but not washed or groomed in any circumstances. In extreme heat/cold walking times will be changed to suit the welfare of the dogs.

Our Walkies/Stuart Smith must be contacted within 24 hours of your return home if there is any aspect of the service you are unhappy with.

Our Walkies/Stuart Smith has the right to terminate this contract with immediate effect if your pet becomes a threat to health and safety due to aggressive behaviour to other animals or people. All new dogs are walked on a 1 month trial basis but this can be terminated by Stuart Smith/Our Walkies should any behavioural issues are discovered that put any human or other animal at risk.


From time to time situations arise where I will have to cancel walks due to personal circumstances or bad weather, this may be short notice. If I need to terminate my services to you for whatever reason I will give you a 2 weeks notice unless in a trial period or there are behavioural issues with you dog.  

If for any reason you wish to terminate my services then 2 weeks written notice is required. If this is the case then all remaining walks must be paid for in advance before any walks can take place.


As of April 2021 I will again be taking on new clients - please read the following Covid info designed to keep us all safe.

  • My hands washed/sanitised before and after walks

  • Where possible I shall use my own leads

  • Initial meet and greets are held outside wherever possible, in the event of inclement weather these can be moved inside to a well ventilated space with the wearing of face-masks

  • Please let me know in advance if you will be at home on the day of any dog walks

  • If you are unwell with any Covid related symptoms or self isolating from a positive test please inform me without delay, unfortunately I won’t be able to walk your dog during this period

  • For more info please see Coronavirus UK