Dog Walking

From 30 mins to 2 hours I will where possible tailor the walk to you and your dog, most people choose an hour and with me you will get a full 1 hour walk. Your dog will either be walked locally or driven to a suitable location (Insurance will cover myself and your dog for this). 


I always take treats (if agreed) and lots of poo bags on every walk so I'm sure your dog will come back happy and content. I always carry my phone so expect a few snaps and an update on our walk. On return water will be topped up and the dog wiped down if muddy.




Prices start from £12 (see price page for more info)


Vet/Groomer Visits

Is it vet time? Time for a trim? Can't make it?


Never fear I will pick up your dog and take it to the required location and wait until everything is done or collect them later and return them home making sure they are calm and settled.


Prices for this service starts at £15 (see price page for more info)

Home Visits/Dog Sitting

Need me to pop in for a quick visit because you are stuck at work? Well whatever the reason I can pop in to let them out or even feed them and take them for a quick walk around the block. Let me know what you need and I'm sure I can accommodate. Or maybe you just need me to pop in and sit with your dog for an hour or even stay overnight if you are away.


Prices start from £12 (see price page for more info)