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OK so I admit I'm terrible at updating the website and blog, what's my excuse? Erm err I'm too busy walking dogs, yes that's it!

So we are fast approaching the middle of the year and the last 6 months have been a whirlwind, I just haven't stopped and believe me when I say I'm not complaining. I have met some wonderful people and have taken on some amazingly beautiful dogs, from a tiny 6 month old Pug to a 2 year old Great Dane I have a wonderful and ever increasing range of dogs I walk on a regular basis.

Pixie the Pug

Heidi the Great Dane

Two amazing dogs with very different personalities but both an absolute joy to walk, it's always an adventure with them (ps they aren't walked together just in case anyone was wondering)

Living in Oxfordshire I am blessed with the variety of good walks to take them on, whether it's around a field or along a footpath or just a trip into town rain or shine you will find me wandering around with one or several dogs.

This is Cassie, a twelve year old Collie that still has more energy than most (actually more energy than me), she would happily chase a ball all day given the chance, I usually walk her for an hour with Heidi but sometimes I take her out on her own. She is amazing off lead but also walks great on lead, she is very obedient as most Collies are and I only have to say her name and she will sit and wait............

although Squirrels are her weakness!

Next I will introduce you all to Copper, one of the latest to join the ranks of Our Walkies and an absolute beauty, only 8 months old but sits on command and is very inquisitive and very friendly, Unfortunately I haven't been able to walk her recently as she came into season so she has been confined to the garden, however we have still managed to have fun but she is itching to get out and about again, won't be long Copper.

So that's it for my second blog post, hope you have enjoyed reading and more photos can be found here.

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