Answers To All Your Questions

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I'm interested, how does it work?

It's so easy, just get in touch and we can discuss you requirements in more detail and then arrange a FREE meeting so I can get to know you all better. We can then fill in the necessary forms and then arrange the first walk.

PLEASE NOTE: All walks are started on a 1 month trial basis, this works for both parties but mainly it's to ensure the welfare of the dogs, sometimes (rarely) certain dogs just don't integrate well with others, this can be for a multitude of reasons, unfortunately my services may have to be cancelled immediately without notice. However I would try to help you as much as possible by recommending alternative options, this has only happened once in 5 years. 

When you say a 1 hour walk do you really mean 1 hour?

Yes I do! Unlike some other dog walkers I will actually walk your dog for a full 1 hour, after all that's what you're paying for. However there may be very rare occasions this has to be cut short, eg if a dog isn't well and needs medical attention. Most walks are for 1 hour depending on requirements and breed/health of the dog.

How will I know you have arrived and are out walking?

During the walk you will get photos or videos showing the dogs out enjoying themselves and having loads of fun, If this isn't possible due to bad reception or phone issues they will be sent at another time later that day. Any issues I will always try to contact you via phone or text.

When do I pay you?

You can pay by cash or bank transfer but walks do need to be paid for before the last walk of the week. 

I need to cancel, do I still get charged?

Less than 48 hours then the full dog walking fee is charged. (unless it's an emergency)
However if you reschedule the walk for the same week and I can fit you in there is no cancellation charge.
Please inform me of any holidays you plan to take, the more notice you can give me the better.

Are you insured? DBS/CRB checked? First aid trained?

Yes, yes and yes. All certificates will be shown at the initial meeting.

Extreme Weather

Yes I can walk in all weathers!!!!! There are some exceptions such as extreme heat, if the ground is too hot for me to place my hand on it for 5 seconds its too hot for paws. In this case we may change the time of the walk, postpone it or choose a different location. Heavy rain doesn't usually stop our walks but sometimes I will wait for a break in the weather if possible.

My bitch is in season, can you walk her?

I'm sorry but for the 2-4 weeks she is in season I can't take her out, it's just not fair on her and the males in the local area, the scent will drive them crazy and it's not unheard of for males to jump over fences and gates to get to a female in heat. 

How many dogs can you walk at once?

I'm insured to walk up to 6 dogs at any one time but realistically I keep it to 2-4 dogs at any one time.

My dog doesn't get on with other dogs, can you still walk him/her?

It depends on the level of aggressiveness, if possible I will walk your dog on a solo walk away from other dogs, of course we still may come into contact with other dogs, where possible I will redirect your dog from others and keep him/her on a lead. If your dog has a history of aggression then I do suggest the use of a muzzle whilst in my care.

I will always suggest a test walk to see how your dog reacts - a final decision will then be made if I can accommodate your dog.

However if your dog is highly aggressive then I will have to say NO I can't walk him/her.


A solo walk is extra, please see our prices.) I will always put the welfare of other animals/people first, solo walks are subject to a very limited availability.

What time will my dog be walked?

Most walks start between 11 and 3 but collection times may vary due to traffic and location, in hot weather I would strongly advise walks start at cooler times of the day, this will hopefully ensure the welfare of your dogs.

Where will my dog be walked?

Walks are usually in the lovely British countryside with lots of fields and footpaths for the dogs to run and have lots of fun fun fun.

Do I need to be at home when you collect or drop off my dog?

No, the majority of our clients are happy for us to hold keys for them which enables us to collect and drop of your dog while you’re not at home. All keys are kept in a secure location and will never be marked with anything other than the name of your dog.

What happens in an emergency?

In an emergency I will contact you immediately to discuss the situation. If we are unable to contact you and urgent veterinary attention is required I will take your dog to your nominated veterinary practice or alternatively the nearest vet depending on the circumstances.

Can I just have occasional walks?

Of course. I am are very happy to offer ad-hoc walks subject to availability and flexible when it comes to booking. The sooner you can let me know the better.